Month: December 2016

My Knight was Hope

I am dancing in a frenzy, Twisting and shaking away. I  cannot stop myself. Moving to her beats, did my helpless feet. Onlookers are clapping. They are cheering. Not sure if I danced faster, Or my moves got better, But they clapped harder. Then I felt myself falling. I couldn't stop myself falling. She continued … Continue reading My Knight was Hope

The man that was me

In a steady flow going down this drain, My life blood drained on, leaving pain. A deep searing pain, but I felt it not. For by my own I have been burnt. My once tender soul destroyed. Torn asunder by my beloved. My head is bent, in a bow. Who will want me now? Was … Continue reading The man that was me

I am Abiku

  Opening eyes formerly closed, I see hearts quite gladdened. My mother puts me to her breast But I will not let her rest. For upon setting foot in a home, Their emotions I take control. With their tears and drops of sweat, My antics they try to resist. But renew this body I must … Continue reading I am Abiku


  She lies whimpering, From the non-stop plundering. Her arms slashed into tiny bits By those she was moments ago housing. Her streets defaced with droppings From oppressed weak inhabitants. Her heart reaches the point of breaking, But her tormentors were not done desecrating. Her soul screams for an abatement, But they were not good … Continue reading Apocalypse

Dear words

  An eager hand inspired To hold tenderly the pen To scribble feverishly To type ferociously. A sad mouth inspired To turn up its angles To  emit happy tunes To speak positively. A beating heart inspired To write from its depth To speak only the truth To help without reward. A simple man driven To … Continue reading Dear words

Multiple sclerosis

  I am the silent afflictor My sufferer clueless Because I thread in stealthily I may blur the sight Or weaken an arm, a leg or throat Sometimes I spend her penny without her permission Other times I just hold her tongue and tire her out I am a diagnostic dilemma to many physicians And … Continue reading Multiple sclerosis

Vacation or daily life?

  I could write about a holiday, Jetting off to a sunny beach with my dear Bailey. But I should write about the life I live daily, Tell you about the fight I had with my darling. Not about facades that have become part of our living.   I could write about a getaway, Sleeping … Continue reading Vacation or daily life?

A bird’s debt

  So for the past year I have done nothing But eat and eat on waking. Now my thighs look so fresh and enticing, And my breast is all stuffed and inviting. 'Tis now the season to pay my debt after eating. Time to garnish the table of this earthling. To make sure I deliver … Continue reading A bird’s debt


  So today, I almost forgot, My daily writing on the daily prompt. For though my place was in front, All day there I spent In a long queue to spend credit. To make bounty on my table for my merry guests. Merry Christmas people!!   ©Aweni via Daily Prompt: Bounty


  I will be thrilled to see A world filled with men Who have identified the gift of hindsight, Unraveled the blessings of foresight, And discovered the joys of insight. What a great world it would be. Perhaps evil will never be. Alas! Such a world is never to be. If I am wrong please … Continue reading Sight