Awake little friend.

My name is Smaerd.

Come to take you on a journey tonight.

Be prepared…..for we will have fun this night.

There are many to watch,

More to hear,

And much to learn.

Let me take you on a little walk down ‘Aspirations lane’.

To a place called ‘Life’s Tavern’.”

After a brief walk, they arrive at a tavern.

Smaerd points at the tavern window.

A man was sat at a table with two plain looking women.

Smaerd said,

“Do you see that man in the tavern window,

With his head in a bow

Looking lasciviously from the side of his eyes

At that beautiful lady’s gown clad thighs?”

Smaerd jerks his head in the direction of a young lady, beautiful, calm and well dressed.

He continues.

“His name is Greed.

The beautiful lady represents earth’s grid

And all the resources that come with earth’s station.

Her name is Earther.”

Smaerd whispers “observe.”

He does.

Greed refuses the attentions from two other women sat at his table.

Women who act like old lovers.

His attention is elsewhere, on Earther,

Where his gaze is stable.

Then another man comes along,

Walks towards Earther.

He could be her lover.

With the intimate way he places his hand at her nape.

Smeard offers, “his name is Humane.”

Earther and Humane have an exchange of words.

Nothing tender about their exchange in the latter stages.

A lover’s tiff?

He walks away.

She looks awry.

Looks round for succour.

Greed senses the opportunity and rises from his table.

He heads to her table.

And touches her elbow.

Whispers into her ear,

Probably sweet nothings

For her smile was wide.

He sings to her.


He leads her away.

Glancing back at his former lovers at bay,

Who wrung their hands in dismay.

At the loss of a lust that was never really theirs.




Image credit: Serenade in the tavern by Francesco Vinea

Watch out for another post on Smaerd’s escapades!


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