Musings of a scholar



How dare you creep in steadily,

Giving no inkling to your presence,

Fooling us with vague signs,

Cryptic messages you give physicians.

No one senses you.

Not even your doomed host.

Until you take off your mask.

To reveal a face of death.

Leaving heartbreak in your wake.


So you enjoy besieging futures,

Sabotaging relationships,

Causing endless pain and suffering.

Causing agitation and restlessness.

Taking them on your journey.

Lengthy and tumultuous for some.

Sad but mercifully brief for others.

All roads leading to mortality.

The end of a unique life.


Know this,

To get ahead of you

Is now my life’s work.



Image: Multiple sclerosis support store

via Daily Prompt: Unseen

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