A healer’s love


Tired muscles, aching bones

Barely able to lift a foot

Yet to and fro, he walks the grounds

Gut rumbling away and begging for food

Fatigue denies him an appetite for this

While time cheats his growling gut

Rolling into a measly one

Disner, lunch and his supper

He hears his eiderdown’s plea to encase him

But he must refuse this plea for now

It is another three-quarters of a day

Filled with moans and groans of those in his care

Souls needing and taking relentlessly

Broken bodies in need of care

Crying out in feverish delirium

They will mend under his tender care

They will heal when touched by his fingers

Fingers filled with knowledge from the gods

Filling their bodies with renewed vigour

He thinks about his fate and is tired mind tells him

He could never find another so fulfilling


Photo credit: Akinyemi

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

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