From up here I see clearer.

After leaving my travels much earlier,

I wonder why I haven’t held close those dearer.

This bird’s eye view makes me question the overseer.

Why punish man with life when there is no ever after?

What could be drearier?

Why jealous of man oh angel Dina?

When death he has been gifted.

What is the benefit of life.

If all life’s gain is a lie?

I am up here and all I see is pain.

Man struggling only for his gain.

Not knowing that all is in vain.

He forgets the futility of the blood in his veins.

It knows no life and can bring to life nought,

Except rot in a grave.

That red liquid that fools him into thinking he lives.

Unaware he is a walking dead

Owed time by Time.




Photo credit: Pixabay

via Daily Prompt: Exposure

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