The hunger! The thirst!

The need to make a difference.

To make something of this mundane existence.

To leave a mark on this already filled slate.

Yes filled!

But, know this,

There always will be room on the slate.

It is no competition.

Though in many situations,

Man’s thirst dries him out.

His hunger wearing him thin.

He becomes too frail to welcome success.


If only they know,

All of man can dine with her.

It will be effortless for some,

And hardwork for others.


As long as there is passion,

And not obsession.

As long as there is determination,

And not hesitation.

As long as there is persistence,

And not indolence.

Every man seeking

Can make his mark

In this existence.



Image credit: pixabay

via Daily Prompt: Successful

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