One crack

One crack was all it took


Life as you knew it flew away to return never

Fits replace early morning kisses from your lover

The smell of fresh air from morning walks gone forever

Replaced by whiffs of unpleasantness from your excreta

Now that you have nappies

In place of g-strings

You are left with memories of when you gave a good lecture

Because your mumblings are a new matter

The unbearable yearn to hold a cup of tea

That is just right there and not for a fee

Your flock of friends are over

With no thoughts for their other


If only you can remember

Having good times in days former

But wait, you never had good times in winter, autumn, spring or summer

For the past twenty five odd years you wander

Through seconds, minutes and from hour to hour

Barely living day to day in order

To chase one work or the other

But now that your head remains in the grips of this malady forever

You wish you had more fun living from January to December

That you had more fun with your hours

But now it’s too late

As a crack has torn all asunder

A travesty you never thought you’d suffer



Photo credit: Pixabay

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

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