Month: January 2017

My Orchid and I

  The day you came I knew nothing of you. Short but elegant, you unfurled your wings, To reveal an inner beauty for my eyes to feed. And the fragrance of you I wished no end to be. Seeking to prolong your beauty I delved into books. A year has passed and here you stand. … Continue reading My Orchid and I

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Too good for this world

  On a sunny day, You accepted my invite To come in nine months. You came in winter. The cold was hard and searing. No sun to dry tears.   You were tiny and sickly. Your breaths in winter, painful. A bug, he called it. At spring's door, you left Though heartbroken, I knew then … Continue reading Too good for this world


  My eyes like you My ears hear you I'll think about your invite to dinner My dress is lace My heels are high I am ready to go all out with you My lips are red My breath is clean I'm ready for an exquisite kiss from you   ©Aweni Image credit: Artsybee via … Continue reading Date

Musings of a scholar

  How dare you creep in steadily, Giving no inkling to your presence, Fooling us with vague signs, Cryptic messages you give physicians. No one senses you. Not even your doomed host. Until you take off your mask. To reveal a face of death. Leaving heartbreak in your wake.   So you enjoy besieging futures, … Continue reading Musings of a scholar


  Wunmi was dusting the last piece of furniture. She had been washing and cleaning since the children left for school. Her employer, Abedo had just left as well. As she finished her duties for the morning, she allowed her thoughts rest on her madam. Abedo had always tried to show her some kindness. Kindness … Continue reading Wunmi

Infinite love

  Through this storm and stream of tears, Through the heart break and searing fears, I remain yours, true and true. For I can be nought else or wish you rue, But be faithful and loyal till the end. In the face of adversities, Hurts and infidelities, I remain true to our love. For that … Continue reading Infinite love

My Specifications

  Today I told her what I wanted.   I said, Big but not loud, Dark and strong. I visualised it and I couldn't help but giggle. She also giggled and asked me to continue. I said, A brush of sexiness, Oozing coolness. I smiled some more for I was so excited at the thought. … Continue reading My Specifications

The Apple of Eden

  Juicy drops from crimson red, You beckon her and she seeks you. Caressing her lips, you stole her heart. But the slitherer she blames and not your looks. With you in hand and heart astray, She danced for him, seeking his face. Alas, her king fell, not for her, but for you. When they … Continue reading The Apple of Eden

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