The man and Life


I once heard a conversation between a man and Life.

The man thought his fate the worst of all. All he had to provide for his son and wife was a guitar.

He sat with his guitar, while Life stood by silently, listening to him.

“I have looked inwards”, he said to Life. “All I see is the many fights I have lost”.

He appeared pained. He continued, “I see my journey through pain and penury despite all my hard work.” He raised his guiter to show Life. “Yet I remain destitute. I know there is no hope for me.” He said, looking at Life with a scowl.

“I expect nothing of you for what else could you do for or to me?!” he shouts at her in anger.

“Indeed!” Life retorts, throwing back her heard in laughter.

“Comfortable now, are we?” She asked, giving him a sardonic smile

“Should I pull the chair from underneath you or should I send you back in time to when your losses were acute?” She asked.

She looked at him contemplatingly, “Should I inflict on you the plague? Or should I hold your bowels and bladder back from their jobs? Or would you rather I sent heartbreak your way and send waves of pain originating from your heart through your body?” She asked softly.

“Perhaps I should take back the life of your first born son or that of your beloved wife . Or would you prefer I switched your fate with that of Mr Black who has known no day of sanity or that of Mrs Green who has known no day of wellness?” She asked, her face expressionless.

“In what way would you like me to meet your low expectations of me?” She asked

The man cowered, muttering both apologies and thanks under his breath. He said to Life “Henceforth, I shall count my blessings one by one. I thank you,but please do treat me better”.

Life shook her head in exasperation and went on her away. Her departing words were “Man! So full of expectations but always in denial. What to do with him”.

Photo credit: Leroy Skalstad

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

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