Leeches in my blood



Have you heard?

There are leeches in my blood

Draining the life out of me


Society has labelled me

Tagging me untouchable

They stand judging me


Even though these leeches

Already cripple me

In my mind and in my bones


Grisly leeches

Memoirs of a time gone

Times now rued


From the kiss and arms of a lover

From those soft whispers

They latched on to me


Spreading forth

Flowing in my blood

While I lay cocooned in my ignorance


If only my resolve had been stronger

Not to be generous with my love

To slip on that rubber


Now you know

There are leeches in my blood

That I have a mark on me


Can you love me?

Can you touch me?

Or do they scare you so?



Stay safe

Play safe

Stop the spread of HIV

Let your partner know if you are infected

Give them the chance to stay safe

If you are HIV positive, it is not too late to practice safe sex



Image credit: Artsybee

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