The tale of his defeat


He hated them,

He swore never to touch them,

Never to live with them,

Or have any business with them.


He sniffed the sweet talc,

And saw the light and fluffy dust

On buttocks so soft and pink.

The button nose

On a face round and cherub.

He heard the gentle coos

From heart-shaped lips

So small and cute.

The mop of black curly hair

Drew him in.

His fingers went first.

Touching tentatively,

Then more determinedly.

Letting the curls slip through them,

Again and again.

Then his lips went next,

To kiss cheeks

Plump and rosy.

They went in

A second time

Then a third time.

He lost count after that.

His heart stood still.


At how a soul so angelic and fragile

Could be gifted to this world.

In love he fell

And an oath he swore,

To protect this angel

With his very own life.

While the baby giggled,

Cooed and smiled.

Very satisfied,

At its prowess

In subduing man.


It sits back on its plump buttocks,

Waiting for the next in line

To be conquered.



Photo credit: djedjenny

via Daily Prompt: Baby

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