Month: February 2017

Disloyal pair

Why?! Oh ye pair! Why?! Why do ye implicate thy owner? Why do ye tremble so? Did ye not request him leave when I only thought it? Did ye not vow to live without his tender kisses? Kisses that were once wine to thy tongue Why do ye tremble under his gaze? Why do ye … Continue reading Disloyal pair

A star in the making

Do you see The star within The hidden diamond   Do you recognise The dedication The spirit of a fighter   Or would you lose your chance To eat with a queen To dine with a king   Or are you destined to say I knew her once I recognised not what was within   … Continue reading A star in the making


It is dark And darkness shields all things evil It shields his hands His groping and hurtful hands I feel fear, gut wrenching Seeping into my skin and what lies underneath I hear the shallow and rapid beatings of my heart I ask a question knowing there would be no answer "What is this?" I … Continue reading Violated