Month: March 2017

Iya mi

She is an ordinary extraordinary woman With no bone of jealousy in her A symptom of the common woman Always full of appreciation For life's gifts No matter how minimal She seeks no one's acceptance Never the centre of controversy Her instinct is to love and nurture Even those undeserving She wears a label That of … Continue reading Iya mi

Smooth Operator

Whoooshh!! He swept past Quick as lightening Leaving a trail of wreckage, in his wake Pieces of my heart lay on the path he trod Would that I had held on much tighter I am left with a memory that is a blur Like he was never really here But my heart knows better The … Continue reading Smooth Operator

Your future awaits

  Turn your face away and towards the light Leave behind past patterns, despairing and dark Abstract from your thoughts your tumultuous past and leave them behind this mesh fence of steel Image credit: Jake Oates

Be mine

Do not doubt me My love is sublime And will never decline Do not hurt me My  heart is human And I bleed crimson Do not desert me My safe place is here And I desire your care Do not distrust me My past is gone I swear  And your imprint I now wear Do … Continue reading Be mine


Smaerd tapped him, waking him up and said "I am here again. Walk with me." They stepped out, Smaerd points at a man and a woman walking down a path just ahead of them and said, "Listen in, but stay out of their sight." Their steps were quite fast so his footsteps quickened to match … Continue reading Hesitate