Smooth Operator


He swept past
Quick as lightening
Leaving a trail of wreckage, in his wake
Pieces of my heart lay on the path he trod
Would that I had held on much tighter
I am left with a memory that is a blur
Like he was never really here
But my heart knows better
The debris from my tears
A relic of the past


Image credit: Mysticartdesign

5 thoughts on “Smooth Operator

    1. I understand the feeling. That’s why I love reading and writing. You pull or feel your heartstrings pulled in the most unexpected ways. It is indeed amazing this world of ours.

      I am glad you like it and it strummed on your heartstrings😊

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  1. Not a good place to be…the hands of a smooth operator. Strums the heart strings like a Spanish guitar and when one is just getting into the groove of making melodies like never before…he breaks the guitar, gets on his power bike and off into the sunset…

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