What do we know?


Those before Edison

knew no light bulb.

Or did they?

Those before the Wright duo,

knew not of manmade birds.

Or did they?

Those before Fleming,

knew not of antibiotics

Or did they?

Just a few years ago,

you were told there were nine planets.

Now you know better.

I hope.


We called them.

Endless possibilities!

We now say.

The bone in our minds melting away.

I hope.

We evolve.

Just as those before us.

Or not.

You think we invented “IT”

Yes, we did.

But only in this civilization.

Until it ebbs away.

Like those before.


just another civilization ended.

Its story never told.

Or perhaps some traces left.

I wonder what will.

I wonder if the next civilization,

will be just as cursed by Coalemos.

Thinking they first invented “IT”!

But why won’t they?!

Man is the epitome of narcissism after all.

The wheel turns,

and the cycle begins again.

Perhaps with God saying let there be light.

Or, a fish evolving into a mammal.

Or, a neanderthal morphing into so called “modern man”

Or, whatever man choses to believe of his imagination.

Or, whatever tales endure.

Or not.

If only these grounds could talk.

Instead of spitting.

The secrets they’d tell.

Then we would really know.


Image credit: Efraimstochter

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

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