Sated lust



Taut muscles,

beads of sweat,

eyes clenched shut,

It’s hardwork not to halt.


a minute is barely past.


Tightly, she holds on to you.

She would not let go.

For it is not time yet.

It’s her way.

It’s her style.

It’s what you lusted for.


You body tells you,

You have to give in.

Else, you’d break

from the sheer excitement.

But her body screams, “NO!”.

Letting go, would be war.


When your mind burst

into a million tiny pieces,

too soon,

you knew

you would pay the price

sooner or later.


Her face in spasms of horror,

confirmed it.

So did the loosening of her grip.

But your sun burnt so bright.

No cloud could mar its rays.

It is, your prerogative, after all.



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6 thoughts on “Sated lust

    1. I know right… Guess there would be less fights if men could show they are just as frustrated😉… you can see he is peacefully asleep while she is tearing out her hair😀.

      Liked by 1 person

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