Month: August 2017

My passion

  Time is like thyme. It seasons a life, Like the lines In my rhyme. Yet, I see no dime I do not whine. For, my passion is rife And, I am cursed to write.     Image credit: Stevepb via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


  Her perfect slim form, A temptation to man and woman, Rise from the shimmering waters. Her graceful form break through the rivulets with every stride. Her movements in the sea was amble and confident like she was Poisedon's very own mistress. So graceful, carefree and light afoot, The birds were jealous.   The sea … Continue reading Inhabit

Her greatest fear

Her new steps may hurt more than last. Her wings may break in the storm. Like a willow with no core, The wind will blow her side to side. She might trip, fall and freeze. But, Waiting was no option For, Her most visceral fear  Was to die standing   ©Aweni Image credit: _Jasmin_ via Daily … Continue reading Her greatest fear

A case of an imagined ugliness

My beloved, Would you believe me, If I sang of how the sun rises From your arched brows, How your buttocks look Like twin moons, How the part of you through which you breath Is aquiline and cute, How your eyes sparkle like jewels, How your ears ooze perfection, How your skin is smooth Like … Continue reading A case of an imagined ugliness

In search

I'm  lost In my search Where do I go Whom do I ask What do I read If or when it comes If or when I'm told If or when I read Would I believe Or will I keep searching For what is right in front of me For what is closer to me than … Continue reading In search

Letter to a dead mum

Do you now see, Why I was tagged a mouse? Why I shivered when spoken to? Why the angles of my mouth are down turning? Why the creases between my brows are deep as gullies? Why my voice makes no sound, no matter how loud I shout? Why I run off like a dog, tail between … Continue reading Letter to a dead mum


    I am the rays of the sun, I put the moon to shame And the rain to grief. I am the precious stone That no ordinary man can own, Save for him anointed by God. I am she who is adored. Men before Have fallen on swords To seek my face. In life … Continue reading Partner

My heart’s symphony

Fast, Then faster, The violin and bass plays Loud, Then louder, The wood wind and brass blows. Fast And louder, The tambourine and drums beat. You, My darling, Are the cute man conducting. But, Clueless you are. Without a doubt, you are. For, How could one glance Cause such a flurry of feelings.     … Continue reading My heart’s symphony

A king, yet a slave

    Like lanterns in the dark Your eyes shine through the fog Your remarkable body glides. Cutting through the air with your every step Stealthily, Yet, Kingly. The sun has risen to kiss the earth. And now they must kiss your throat. You make hay while the sun and earth make love. Because, When … Continue reading A king, yet a slave