A king, yet a slave




Like lanterns in the dark

Your eyes shine through the fog

Your remarkable body glides.

Cutting through the air with your every step




The sun has risen to kiss the earth.

And now they must kiss your throat.

You make hay while the sun and earth make love.


When the earth betrays the sun

And the moon kisses the earth,

They all scamper into hiding.

Those lesser animals.

Your food.

Little do they know.

While they rest, you plan.

Waiting for the earth and sun to fall in love again.


The sun is a forgiving lover.

Out they will scamper again,


Another killing you will make.

Their juices will kiss your lips,

And then your throat,

To nourish your lineage.

You are neither wicked,

Nor ruthless.

You are just another slave of life.

Born to ensure,

The cycle of life endures.




Image credit: fapro1

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