I am the rays of the sun,

I put the moon to shame

And the rain to grief.

I am the precious stone

That no ordinary man can own,

Save for him anointed by God.

I am she who is adored.

Men before

Have fallen on swords

To seek my face.

In life and in death,

They seek

To impress my heart.

They wrestle day and night

To own my soul.


You are my sun,

The source of me.

You are my shell,

The shield of me.

You are the reason I am adored.

The one that named me queen.

You are the king that deemed me fit

To dine and rule with you.

The one I wake up for.

If not for you, no man would see

The numerous joys and beauty

That is me.


Image credit: Barbieistheone

In response to daily prompt partner

via Daily Prompt: Partner

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