A case of an imagined ugliness


My beloved,

Would you believe me,

If I sang of how the sun rises

From your arched brows,

How your buttocks look

Like twin moons,

How the part of you through which you breath

Is aquiline and cute,

How your eyes sparkle like jewels,

How your ears ooze perfection,

How your skin is smooth

Like porcelain,

How your form is lithe

And your movements amble?

Will you accuse my lenses of being rose coloured?

Would you believe what I say?

Or are you so damaged inside that all you see is an ugliness that you aren’t?

Woe unto those who twist my beloved’s sight!

Woe unto the media, the people and that very dark side of you!


Image credit: Emma Keyes

via Daily Prompt: Amble

6 thoughts on “A case of an imagined ugliness

      1. Yeah, we saying the same thing. The mirror is one tells you are Belle even if everyone thinks you are a beast. 😂. It’s a mirror of self assurance. Unfortunately, can’t be bought with money.

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