An ode to, or a curse on Mary



I say, “it is as you like it.”

Lola said;
Curses on to women,
Past and present.
For the burden you created.
For wrapping my fate in a foil of lies,
Attractive to the less discerning eye.
For placing the pen in my hand and moving the ladle to the other.
For letting him blackmail me with the hollow title of multitasker.
For not warning me the crown I gave up my headband for was made of thorns.
For dragging me away from his protective shadow so I now stand bare.
For snatching away my title of éminence grise.
For giving the girl child a hard life of stress she was not built for at a whim.
Give up now!
Stop now!
Before I become a working walking shell!


Tola said;
Peace and blessings on to women,
Past and present.
For a war well fought.
For sealing my fate with gold
And not bronze.
For exchanging the ladle stuck in my palm with a pen.
For removing my headband and replacing it with a crown.
For edging my feet forwards so I now stand by his side.
For using your exceptional intelligence,wiles and charms
To get the girl child here.                                 Who says it will be easy?
I see more paths to be paved.
Our work is not done!
A luta continua!
Vitória é certa!

As I said, “it is as you like it.”


Happy international day of the girl child!





Image credit: openclipart-vectors

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional

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