United, they win


Melville looked fearfully at the Amazon he’d trained. She was meant to be his weapon against her kind. But, she discovered his intentions and her rage was sublime.

He wouldn’t give up. He would sow discord in their midst. Her army would turn on her, he thought gleefully.

He knew he had lost when she shouted, “I come from a line of warriors! We create a furore, when we stand in thick rows. Breaking the air with arrows, cleaving through the enemy with our swords. One sister for all, all sisters for one. Bend the knee to our king!”


Image credit: http://wonder-woman.wikia.com/wiki/Amazons


This post was inspired by Carrot ranch literary community May 31, 2018: Flash Fiction Challenge. When I finished writing and was sifting the internet for an appropriate image to go with my flash fiction, I came across the inspirational story of the Dahomey Amazons.

An amazing story of true life Amazons who were trained to protect a king and a kingdom. Did you know that the Wakandan female warriors were based on their story?

I have used a photo of the Dahomey Amazons for my post. I think they deserve accolades and they deserve never to be forgotten. What fearsome women they must have been.



This powerful story, reminded me that female empowerment could have happened centuries ago but a deeply entrenched patriarchal system worldwide would not allow it. Instead, women were empowered to protect men and not for their own liberation. In a warped sense, I like that some women may have found empowerment in being able to make the choice to join the elite group or not.

The Carrot ranch challenge this week was;

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about warrior women. It can be myth or everyday mothers and wives. Go where the prompt leads.







12 thoughts on “United, they win

    1. I find it interesting that the stories of the Dahomey warrior women go untold …….or more recently ‘undertold’ in contrast with what would be expected with the success of the Wakandan warrior characters and Wonder woman.

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