A poet’s promise




Should this pen fail me,

Should this papyrus crumble,

I shall tarry not.

My blue blood will on stone write.

I’ll sacrifice to earn light.


Image credit: Google

This Tanka poem is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge.

The prompts for this week’s challenge are synonyms of GIVE and RECEIVE.



15 thoughts on “A poet’s promise

  1. That we do……Marta you absolutely have to teach me those belly dancing moved. You are awesome and so graceful at it…..still can’t get over it. I know it is beautiful art when it is still on my mind 20minutes later.


    1. I have been good thank you. Just been letting life get in the way of my hobby. I see you have done better. Keep flying my dear Akewi. Thank you for dropping by and encouraging comments.😊


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