Conquer the world – Just a horse ride


A horse,
Her brave rider.
I am not  choosy
Neither am I easy.
The rider’s will matters here.
I won’t be conquered by the weak.
My language is persistence and strength.
Control your mind, believe in you, you’ll win.

Lake of bright fire
Beside, blue green river flows
Battle of equals

A deep breath,
Remounts, tenth time.
I    struggle,    he      too.
I   won’t   give  in  to  him,
He  will  not give  in  to  me.
I, strongbodied, he, strongminded
Two  of  a  kind  battle  in  the wild.
In the end, the mind wins over body.

Fiery flames burn red
Swishing, swashing river runs
Win or lose, one will

A deep sigh,
Won’t climb again.
He retreats fuming,
Blaming all but himself.
Prancing and roaming the wild,
I   await    a   brave heart again.
While he tells them he was unlucky.
Luck  is not a  language I  understand.

Water Fire war
One with greatest force will win
Lady luck then smiles



Image credit- deviantart


This three step Haibun – Etheree combination is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge

The prompt for this week’s challenge is poet’s choice of words.


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