Up in the air



Do you remember?

Mama told you and I

That our wings would take us places never before seen

To the fifth and sixth seasons that humans know not of

As the winds ruffle my feathers

I chuckle as I recall my doubt when mama spoke

Twirling and sailing in the air

I speed up then slow down then speed up again

On black, grey then white cotton carpets we float

Gurgles of laughter echo in the wind

Songs or tweets to their ears, 

In unison, our beaks open and close

A flock in sync.

Mama is not far behind.


A call from the sun

Tiny wings beats in response

Adieu, dear winter.


Image credit – Free-Photos

This Haibun is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge
The prompts for this challenge are FLY and SING (synonyms only).


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