So many Qs



I ponder

where do their hopes differ 

She drinks of crimson red drops

And bites of his flesh

They wash the darkness away

to reveal a heart white as snow

and filled with gold


The sun and moon sing

Leave them be, let them believe

Without hope man dies.


I ponder yet again

In lotus

He hears the trees and winds speak

It gives him peace

It give him hope

Silence gives his soul wings

He soars inside though still outside

His message comes from within.


Night and day dance hard

To the rhythm of their hearts

In their search for truth


I ponder deep

She reads from sacred texts

And counts white rosaries

It gives her peace and bliss

It brightens the light she already bears

For her sake and theirs

It cushions her desires and lifts up her soul.


Shadows and lights flow

They dazzle in many shades

There’s no right or wrong


Shades of bones and apes

Gives him light in his darkness

His magic wands are test tubes

In them, he sees past, future, present and hope

His sight is sharpened by binaries

So he seeks them on earth

And in the seven heavens


Man! Be mislead not.

Hope doth not equate to bliss

But Hope equals peace


I beg you, tell me,

How do they differ?

What is their hope?

What is your hope?

Is it one and the same?

Or not?

What is your measure?


In the end you learn

Their bane is not in their search

But in man made strife.



Image credit- pixel2013


This Haibun is in response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge
The prompts for the challenge are BELIEF and JOY (synonyms only).


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