Dream with care


Sings all day, ne’er cries
Knows no pain, joys or sorrows
She is a mermaid

I had a dream
To break boundaries
To be a star
My hopes started with a flicker
now they are large, larger than life
A raging fire
Threatening to engulf from within
They must breath, else I can’t be

On waves and bluegreens
Mermaid dreams of sticks on ground
No price is too small

Pocrastination has become my enemy
Sleep, a past pastime
My blood boils with persistence
The chalice from which I drink is ambition
Some say it is poison, others say not
I let it consume me
The end justifies the means

In sea beneath sun
Mermaid makes a pact of blood
Time to live her dream

Dreams are meant to be lived
Not to remain in the air or a phantom void
Mine has come to life
I am a vessel of hopes become
I slurp on the nectar of fulfilled dreams
Heart gay
The future is certain

Sticks in sand, tail gone
She hops on one then the next
Like human she threads

It is here and it is hell
What I hoped for has come but wasn’t what I hoped it to be
Unforseen consequences, I’m told
I have it all, fame, fortune and power
True family left
Real friendships dissolved
Heart arteries blocked by stress
My grave was my shiny car

Sea is home no more
Ground life’s pain tears, joys are few
Like human she cries


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