Who did it?

“Who did this?!” Uriel asked incredulously.

“Not me!” Joey said, looking guilty.

Looking mortified, Adam muttered, “not me!”

“You both have some explaining to do. I’ve been gone but for a short while and the tree of life is gone! No leaves,…” Uriel looked at Joey, “…nor trunk.” He looked at Adam.

“Ha, perhaps we shall get some answers from those,” he pointed at dried stains on a rock close to the root of the dead tree.

Joey and Adam smiled. They knew the fingerprints on the rock couldn’t tell them apart.

“Good luck angel Uriel,” they thought.

❤Aweni Adams July 2019

Some fun facts

Joey is a nickname for koala babies.

The koala’s fingerprint is similar to man’s.

Koala feed on leaves.

Man absolutely adores the tree trunk for you know what. He does not shy away from tree leaves either.

When man and the koala are overzealous, the poor tree dies.

It is widely believed that angel Uriel guards the garden of Eden where the tree of life is resident.

For the purpose of this fiction, shall we please ignore the fact that Adam was banished from the garden of Eden, and that angel Uriel left his duties unattended to?

This flash fiction was written in response to Charli Mill’s July 11, 2019, prompt: “My kingdom for a koala!” In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a koala in a kingdom.

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