Sun everlasting

Let me tell you of the lady that came visiting me the other night.

It was a Saturday night.

Life’s daily task completed,

all was still and calm in my mind

as I laid down

and waited for death’s far removed cousin.

I heard a soft knock.

I looked up,

and there she was at my open window.

She floated in with her

black raven hair with tight curls

and her piercing brown eyes.

She wore a flowing sheer white gown

parted in the middle

enough to see her brown rotund tummy

akin to heavily pregnant women.

Below this, I saw a ball of light and the shape of love.

When she spoke,

her voice sounded like a flowing spring,

buzzing of bees, chirping of birds

and the stillness of nature all mixed together.

She said she had a message for you and me.

To me, she said, “be fierce, be strong, internalise only positives… for what you take in, you shall give and be surrounded with.”

I wonder what message she holds for you.

Here she is.

I have done my bit.

Free your mind of chains

Let all thy eyes see their truth

Everlasting sun


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