Inhabit (Haibun)

Enjoy this short poem

Of beauty beyond compare.

Beauty without heart.

Her perfect slim form,
A temptation to man and woman,
Rise from the shimmering waters.
Her graceful form breaks through the rivulets with every stride.
Her movements in the sea was amble and confident like she was Poisedon’s very own mistress.
So graceful, carefree and light afoot,
The birds were jealous.

The sea clings to her
As droplets on her skin,
Not keen to let go.
The wind happy to see her emerge,
Follows her around,
Gentle blowing away every droplet of water in rivalry.
The earth she stepped on as she reached ashore,
Part ways to make for her strides.
For a short while, her footprints were the earth’s relic

Like twin peaks of a mountain,
Her breasts sit firmly on her beautiful silhouette.
The curved arch of her buttocks looked like twin sand dunes.
Her eyes! Oh her eyes!
The sun and the moon were put to shame with the rays they cast.
Each eye brow looked like the new moon in their perfection.

I sat staring,
Mouth ajar,
All that loveliness in one body.
How could the creator put all life’s beauty in one form?

Man and woman,
Girl and boy,
Myself and I,
Thought as one,
“It would be amazing to inhabit that body.”
Little did we know,
It was so dark and stormy inside,
No amount of sun could brighten her core.

Harken to life’s voice,
Beauty’s nothing but man’s test.
Light and love’s the deal.


Ps. I first wrote this poem (Inhabit) in August 2017. The double haiku is new. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully are reminded that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside even though the world is fixated on this. What matters is all that beauty inside of you my lovelies.
Keep sharing love and light and shun the dark.

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