Happy new year!

Rolling ball of Time.

On or under? Roll your dice.

Who’ll laugh? You or Fate?

Do your best and laugh at Fate.

Do your best and laugh with Fate.


We made it to the beginning of another decade!
We have another chance to get it right and another opportunity to enjoy what we’ve got right already.
Do not tarry my lovelies and make every second count.

In the midst of it all, put on your coat of positivity. No one says it will be easy to do but do it anyway. Remember that positivity begets positivity and a positive attitude allows us to see opportunities clearly.

Grab every opportunity that you come across with both hands.

Look back at the past year, if you like the outcome of what you did, do better. If you don’t, do better.

Improve yourself everyday.

Happy new year
Happy beginning to another decade.
Be happy! Flourish! Seize every second!

❤ and 🕯Aweni

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