Shrug off negativities

Today we applaud all the greats.
We praise Chimamanda Adichie.
We revere the late Stephen Hawkings.
We admire Elon Musk.
We can’t get enough of JK Rowlings’ works.
We want to be Oprah Winfrey.
We love Beyonce and Jay Z.
We look up to the late Chinua Achebe… and many more.
What most people tend to forget is that their success didn’t happen overnight.
Each with a story to tell.
We may never know the full details of their fears, their anxieties, their insecurities and their struggles. But what I can tell you for a fact isif they had not started something, we wouldn’t know them today. If they had not kept on despite their challenges, we would not be blessed by their gifts.

They started somewhere. There was a time they were unknown. A time some of them would never have thought… but, they did what they loved doing anyways. They all have something in common. A time where they decided to say, ‘to hell with naysayers and other negative energies, I’ll just do me.’
Be like that this week.๐Ÿ’ช

Now, that’s the spirit.๐Ÿคž

Gyrating this am to Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be startin’ somethin’ ”
Let’s go start something folks and try to be the best we can be at it.

You know what the icing on the cake will be? If you work on something you actually enjoy doing.๐Ÿ‘Œ

Wishing y’all a lovely week my lovelies.

โค &๐Ÿ•ฏAweni

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