Face the sun

4 thoughts on “Face the sun

  1. So lovely. And so true. Might revive HelsinkiBudapest soon, but for now blogging from talesfromalocalbar in the hope of giving people something to focus on in these times. Hope you and those you hold near and dear are doing reasonably well under these circumstances.

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    1. Thank you dear for hopping by and leaving a comment. I miss HelsinkiBudapest. I think I need it now more than ever as it would have given a lot of insight into the current situation and the people’s response to the Coronavirus. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well too dear. Stay safe and healthy. I’ll check talesfromlocalbar out in s bit.🤗


      1. Thank you for those kind words! That means a lot. And I hadn’t actually considered that it could be helpful like that. I think mainly because I’m not there anymore. But that does not preclude me from having insight, so I might just revive that blog again.

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