Perhaps if I share my pain
Perhaps it will end.

Perhaps if I speak up for once
Perhaps your ears deaf to my squirms will hear me.

Perhaps if I had spoken up when that patient compared my skin colour to his stool,
Perhaps you, my senior would have stepped in and told him that what he said was not acceptable instead of hiding behind an uncomfortable smile.

Perhaps if I came back crying from my home visit to an elderly lady who refused to control her bull dog because she said it didn’t like black people, perhaps you would have felt sorry for me and called her out on her behaviour.

Perhaps if I let you see me hurt, instead of being brave everytime, instead of taking them all in stride, instead of accepting these ill treatments of me and my kind, instead of not speaking up,
Perhaps you would have stood by my side and fought with me.


So today, I speak.

Giving you the opportunity to fight for, and with me.


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