The power of togetherness


Once upon a time, there lived a land of milk and honey.
Rich in heritage, talents and resources.
However, it was suffering from a disease named ‘Corruption’
Born soon after the land was freed from colonial shackles, its seeds planted during the decolonisation period, the baby ‘Corruption ‘ grew to be a monster that ravaged the land inside out.

By-products of a corrupt system, the land’s leaders were selfish as they were greedy, caring for none but themselves. They bled the land and did away covertly or out rightly with anyone that resisted.

To keep the people subservient, they used divisive tools such as, religion and ethnicity, as well as messengers whose job was to make the people toe the line. But the messengers soon became power drunk and started to bully, maim and kill the people at will.

The people tolerated it, getting by on their talents and street smarts until one day the camel’s back broke and the people decided, enough was enough!
They decided to lead peaceful protests which was well within their rights. A protest asking their leaders to stop those messengers from bullying, maiming and killing.

Now, the people were divided into the enlightened, the misinformed, the hypocrites, the ignorant, and the aforementioned messengers.

The enlightened organised peaceful protests.

Keep in mind that majority of them were the youth. The future of the land. Some of the issues they faced included unemployment, and lack of, infrastructures, good health care, social security and good educational systems as a result of the leaders spending three times the budget of education or health on themselves. But the youth asked for none of these. All they asked for was the right to be treated humanely on their own land, for justice to be served to those messengers of death.

So, it came to be that the enlightened engaged in peaceful and intelligently coordinated protests. Their talents revealed, they showed the world how a large peaceful demonstration could be done. They were united as one regardless of tribe and religion. They persisted, seeking genuine responses and committed plans to address their requests.

Unfortunately, an impasse was reached, and the leaders would have none of this unprecedented unity that threatened their power. So, under the cover of the night, the leaders unleashed their strategised mayhem. They maimed and killed armless protesters, creating room for the ignorant to loot and destroy. Then, they screamed foul, pointing fingers at the protesters, while using their messengers and the hypocrites to push the narratives they spun.

The misinformed also spoke, but what came out of their mouth was vitriol, spat at the enlightened, alive and dead, they echoed the messengers. Blaming the enlightened for their own deaths and injuries, blaming them for the looting and destruction of properties, challenging their motives, suggesting ethnic and religious influences and alluding that the enlightened were miseducated on the enormity of the problems they faced.
How dare the enlightened disturb the land’s putrid peace?
How dare they disturb their daily jagajaga routine?
How dare they rock the boat?
How dare they speak out?

The leaders sat back, looking at the mess they created, perhaps thinking, ‘we won, they failed.’ What goes on in those minds can only be fathomed by people of the same nature.

They took a step back, the enlightened did, cleaning up the mess created by ‘you know who’.
They stepped back, not because they failed but because they would not give up the remaining lives so easily to this lot.
There was still so much to do.
They have to live to fight again.
They now knew their leaders some more.
They will not let the people and their peace be fodder for their leader’s selfish goals.
They’ll not succumb to the anarchy orchestrated by the selfish.
They’ll restrategise.
They’ll educate the ignorant, the confused and the misinformed.
They’ll seek power.
They’ll use that power to make the land glorious again.
They’ll stand together regardless of religion and ethnicity as one to make the land great again.
The blood of the fallen will not be in vain.
Their lives haven’t been in vain, because now the people know of their power.
They’ve been woken from their slumber.
They are the future.
They’ll not be cowed.

Ps. In all of this, tonnes of food meant for the people were discovered hidden away all over the land, some already rotting while the people starved. No non mind-boggling explanation was given. It is not known if the leaders knowingly let their guard down with an intention to distract. What is known is, notes are being taken and evidences being saved.

Forgetting is not an option.


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