Christmas Cheer

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and it’s Friday!!💃🏾💃🏾

Have you ever thought about why happiness is palpable during festive seasons? Why there’s an extra zing in our steps? No! The wind isn’t blowing differently, our water isn’t spiked and the earth isn’t shaking.

Yes, some of us will get to spend time with loved ones and some of us will get a break and or a bonus. There are gifts to look forward to for some. The thought of these sends sweet shivers through us. We are happier, smile more and are nicer to one another including those not lucky enough. Spreading the cheer!

The power of being kind to one another.
The power of our minds.🙌🏾

Enjoy the season and tap into your power! Show love to someone this season and always.

‘In hymns and carols
the air jiggles, steeped in cheer.
A bairn of their minds.’


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