Month: January 2022

Tap into your power

Monday Hope you've not forgotten who you are?Tap into your power this week.Good luck 'Land, sea, rain and snowLions and Lambs dance in sun's glowThe flowers ask the wind? "Whose face shines brighter? Whose heart beats stronger?"The wind replies, "The one looking up at the Sun's smile". In other news have you seen Mama Nigeria … Continue reading Tap into your power

Let’s play a game

Sundays are for many things, counting your blessings and basking in them is definitely one of them. 'Let's play a game of numbers,Counting the different shades of colours,Caressing this perfect figure.Bewildered we are, aren't we?Exhausted we are, aren't we?So, lets bask in their hues instead.' ❤&🙏Aweni

Chill pill

Friday!What you got?Let's go there! ‘1, 2, Friyay landsLife’s short and it’s time to shineSwim, drink, dance and laugh!’ You've worked hard, time to look after you. If you don't, who will? ❤&🕯Aweni

Protect Australia! Protect the world!

Face mask Australia Australia day today. A day that invites intense mixed feelings. Regardless of how we feel about today, we must all protect the land we have come to love so much. Let's get vaccinated, use our face masks as instructed, wash our hands, stay home if we have symptoms of covid and sign … Continue reading Protect Australia! Protect the world!


Tuesday Hello Magical You, This is for you.Remember to keep moving.You could change path, but don't stop.You could even take a step backwards to move forward. That's perfectly fine too.More importantly, don't let the naysayers get the best of you. 'A drop, then a dropThe ocean's birth and demiseEvery step matters' ❤&💪🏽Aweni

To do list

Monday Ladies and gentlemoimoi, Monday is here with a bang. What plans do you have for it? Me? I plan to not sleep on any of my ideas. Join me and let's do this. 'Seize the sunby the hornand have funbeing in front' ❤&💪🏽Aweni Visit for your favourite art and quotes on your everyday … Continue reading To do list

This is IT

Ok guys, this is IT! launches today. There, you'll find positive affirmations on your  everyday items. She is a product of your love and encouragements and I hope she is able to give back just as much and more. Go on, go pay her a visit and enjoy her magic. ❤& 🌞  Aweni Ps. … Continue reading This is IT

The little things

Another day to be grateful for.  Why? 'My eyes take in the golden sparkle of the the scent of roses linger in my nostrils. The gentle carress of the cool breeze brushes my face again and my ears revel in its harmonious melody with the bees.' What's not to be grateful for? … Continue reading The little things

Counting blessings

This week, open your box of blessings and savour them (literally), especially the 'little' things. Do not lock them away! In case you were wondering, contentment is a gift. Such bliss to be happy with where you are and what you have. Hmmm  This is an old drawing and I can't believe how far … Continue reading Counting blessings

Drop rubbish like it’s 🔥, ‘cos it is.

Focus on important stuff This week let go off all unnecessary baggage. Focus on the important stuff. You’ve got just the one life and just the one brain.Declutter abeg. ‘Lick, lick, lick, they’ll slurpOil turns blood red, they’ll runThen, talk, talk, they’ll talk’ ‘Nuff said. ❤️&💪🏾Aweni Abeg (Nigerian Pidgin) - Please