Month: February 2022

S is for…

Sunday Spa day ‘S is for SaturdayS is for Self-careS is for SundayS is for Self-love…’ Are you getting the gist? 😉 Ehn ehn… ❤️&🌞Aweni


Kings be rocking Mama Nigeria easy like Sunday morning. Oh yes! Positivity is for Kings and Queens amazing people. Every merch on is unisex. Go shop for you and your loved ones now. Have a beautiful weekend! 'Sir, ma'am, laugh hard Life’s a conundrum You write some You act some You win some You … Continue reading Kings!


Checklist Have you been through your checklist today? Life's too short not to go through your checklist. Don't waste time on unnecessary things. 'Tick, tick, tick!Bairn, lass, bhean!Bairn, lad, dhuin!A tail we chase,round and round,dark to grey,till seanbhean's eyes closeand seanfhear's heart stops.' ❤&🌞Aweni


You ready?!Let's go get 'em!Have a smashing Monday folks!'Paint life bright coloursDipped in red, yellow, and blueset your dreams alight'❤&🌞 Aweni

Daily dose positivity

Good morning Good morning folks! ‘Rise, shine and conquerPast falls mustn’t deterYou are that super!’ ❤️& 🪄 Aweni Don’t go anywhere without your dose of positivity. Visiting

We rise!

We rise! Hello warriors!Remember; 'We fallWe breakWe failThenWe riseWe healWe win!' ❤&🌞 Aweni You like the message? You need regular reminders? Hop on to (link in bio) and go nuts. Various colours and options available.

Tuesday… Monet…

Tuesday... 'Just another day', they say.'A Monet', I say...'To experience...' What's Tuesday to you? ❤&🌞Aweni

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's Mama Australia and I. She sure makes for great company... elegant,  proud, colourful and peaceful... albeit quiet. What are you up to tonight? Alone or with company? Roses, gifts, getaway, movie or just laze around  curled up into you or one another all night long? Whatever you chose, engage in it mindfully. Two … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s

Glass slipper story

Chariot, pumpkins, glass... this one has it all.Another cinderella story coming up... but this time on wings.My upcoming short story keeps the glass slipper story alive!Stay tuned, stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, stay positive, stay in love or fall in love... it's almost valentine's folks!'May you know the joyand bloom from Cupid's pierceblissful pain … Continue reading Glass slipper story

Self love

Hope you've had a gr8 start to your week. Make it all about looking after you this weekend! If you don't, how can you be the best for people around you? Have a great weekend folks! Stay safe while you are at it. Get vaccinated. use your masks...Covid means business but we are going to … Continue reading Self love