Monday Wishes

Follow the light


May love (of yourself…, of others… and from others…) follow you this week and always.

Have a smashing week ahead folks!

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This is a dtiys.
What do you think?
Swipe left to see original
I enjoyed drawing this so so much.
Thank you @lucydill for sharing your beautiful art with us.

‘Holy moly folks!
Bumpy roads, rickety bikes,
Can’t slow your magic!’

❤& 🌞 Aweni

Go on, go conquer the world and make sure you follow the light.

Ps. Don’t know why but after I finished this drawing,  I heard of the passing of the great Lata Mangeshkar, and since then, everytime I look at this, I see  her flying on her bike towards the sun. May her sweet soul that blessed the early part of my life with angelic tunes rest in peace.

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