Month: February 2022

Happy Tuesday

Monday Wishes

Follow the light Monday! May love (of yourself..., of others... and from others...) follow you this week and always. Have a smashing week ahead folks! Don't forget to show me some love. Hop over to (link in bio) to shop colourful art and affirmations on colourful tees. This is a dtiys.What do you think?Swipe … Continue reading Monday Wishes

How to start your day

Another day! Woohoo! Gratitude ✔Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate/Smoothie/Water ✔A trip to ✔ 👍 I have something cool coming your way soon, in time for valentine's.😎 So drop your email when you visit so you can stay on top of all the good stuff. Have a smashing Sunday folks. Enjoy this li'l poem written just for you. … Continue reading How to start your day

A quick one on self care

Weekend Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you are looking after you. ‘Take a chunk of timeJust a blink of the earth’s eyeImmerse yourself in’ ❤️&😎Aweni Ps: Shop! Shop! Shop 😘

Soak up the rays

Another day to be grateful for. 🙏 Good morning! Another day to be grateful for. 🙏 'Like the sun flowerand the datura,live,soaking up the raysforever!' ❤, 🌞 & 🌙 Aweni Ps. Hop over to to add more colours, light and positivity to your space!


Thursday You are the shiznit.Don't ever forget it.Have an awesome Thursday being fierce! ❤&💪🏽Aweni

Get up

Good morning! Get up and go make hay! 'Struggling to get out of bed this am,The sheets a tad bit cosierThe pillows a tad bit softerJust the way I like it.Eyelids beg'Just another 5 minutesLet us kiss againAnd you drift away''Plunk!' 'Plank!' 'Knock!' 'Knock!'I sprung upRamrod spine,Request declinedThe dreaded yet loved chaos of those li'l … Continue reading Get up


February February arrives with all its lovey-dovey aura.Enjoy! While at it, don't let anyone take you for granted. Not this month. Not ever! Be fierce! 'Fragrant crimson airCoils up nostrils stealthilyIntoxicatingKnocked out cold or standing fierce?The heart will decide' ❤& more ❤Aweni