My Peace Lily

My Peace Lily

Today I want to tell you about a peace lily.

You see, I have many peace lilies all over the house but my favourite is this one (pictured).

She tells me when she has been fed too much sun
and when she needs to be watered.
She tells me when she is happy
and when she is sad.
Rich in drama, yet no frills.
A very forgiving being she is.
For as soon as I give,
she responds
as good as she got.
The best type of relationship.

She is the perfect friend for
someone still green like me.
My green finger only just starting to take root.

So it isn’t rocket science as to why I regard her as an important member of our household.

Do you have any plants or animals around that you feel particularly close to?

If you do, why do you think that is?

❤️ & 🪴 Aweni

Ps. I try to pre-empt her needs now, so don’t worry about her. She is in good hands. You, don’t forget to show someone or something some love this weekend. ❤️

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