Category: Death

Keep Calm

Loud screams, far and near Real and profound fears abound Sweats, deaths, tears and pain Frail hearts shake from shallow roots Nah! We'll find calm in your eye ❤&🕯Aweni Let's work through this together and apart my lovelies. Yes! We can!💪

Time waits for none

Years flow endlessly A passenger one minute Down under the next. Tunde flipped open his diary as his eyes scanned through what he had planned for the day and the next. It was the first of December. 'Where has 2019 gone?' He shook his head in disbelief as he reflected on what he had done … Continue reading Time waits for none

Be free

You must live love and laugh. You must dream, dance and dazzle. You must be bold, brave and be your best. You must be all of these, for Azareal waits scyth in hand. ❤Aweni


  They race. Day hunts night. Sweat for some, sleep for fewer. They race. Fate hunts man. Sleep tells him, "death is master. But till he knocks, I'm master." ❤Aweni  

Birthing death

Indeed, it was a strange story. The story of Penny. She came four times. She left four times. Each time she came, There was joy. Each time she left, Tears rolled. Each time, she was called Penny. I knew her secret only on her fifth coming. You see, Penny was my little sister. The fourth … Continue reading Birthing death

Too good for this world

  On a sunny day, You accepted my invite To come in nine months. You came in winter. The cold was hard and searing. No sun to dry tears.   You were tiny and sickly. Your breaths in winter, painful. A bug, he called it. At spring's door, you left Though heartbroken, I knew then … Continue reading Too good for this world

Musings of a scholar

  How dare you creep in steadily, Giving no inkling to your presence, Fooling us with vague signs, Cryptic messages you give physicians. No one senses you. Not even your doomed host. Until you take off your mask. To reveal a face of death. Leaving heartbreak in your wake.   So you enjoy besieging futures, … Continue reading Musings of a scholar

The man that was me

In a steady flow going down this drain, My life blood drained on, leaving pain. A deep searing pain, but I felt it not. For by my own I have been burnt. My once tender soul destroyed. Torn asunder by my beloved. My head is bent, in a bow. Who will want me now? Was … Continue reading The man that was me

I am Abiku

  Opening eyes formerly closed, I see hearts quite gladdened. My mother puts me to her breast But I will not let her rest. For upon setting foot in a home, Their emotions I take control. With their tears and drops of sweat, My antics they try to resist. But renew this body I must … Continue reading I am Abiku