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A mother’s love

A mother's love Today is mother's day.A day dedicated to say thank you mummy, I love you mummy, I see you mummy. But are you aware,that no matter the amount of thank yous, I love yous and  I see yous, you could never ever reciprocate a mother's love in equal measure? All your love and … Continue reading A mother’s love

Mother’s day

Happy mother's day Her love for you is limitless and indescribable whether she grew you within her or not.'Phenomenal girlwith the power to createlight like no other' ❤💙Aweni


Head up ladies and gentlemen.The universe is working for you.You’ve got this in the bag. 💙 Aweni

Soft life

I AM 'To live a soft life,tap into your soul's magic.You are what you yearn'💙 &🪄Aweni

Stay calm

Hope Be the person you would be proud of through the storm. 💙 Aweni


Take a trip to @city_of_joondalup Community Art Exhibition at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Great Space. Open for your viewing pleasure until Sunday, the 10th of April 2022.Opening hours are:Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 9.00pmSaturday, 8.30am – 5.00pmSunday, 11am – 5.00pm Enjoy! Ps. This is my second exhibition and boy am I so proud of my … Continue reading Exhibition

My Peace Lily

My Peace Lily Today I want to tell you about a peace lily. You see, I have many peace lilies all over the house but my favourite is this one (pictured). She tells me when she has been fed too much sunand when she needs to be watered.She tells me when she is happyand when … Continue reading My Peace Lily