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What do you know of Cranes?

Smaerd turns to me, "tell me about Cranes." I jumped right in, "ah, 'Story of the Cranes', do you know scholars deny it?" Smaerd looked at me, "no not that." I didn't ask, just jumped right in, again. "Oh, you mean, a thousand origami Cranes and how they make a wish come true!" Smaerd now exasperated, … Continue reading What do you know of Cranes?


Smaerd tapped him, waking him up and said "I am here again. Walk with me." They stepped out, Smaerd points at a man and a woman walking down a path just ahead of them and said, "Listen in, but stay out of their sight." Their steps were quite fast so his footsteps quickened to match … Continue reading Hesitate

Smaerd 2

Wake up! Dear one. I, Smaerd have more to tell you. Let me tell you what happened After our walk on Aspirations lane the other night. Starting from when Greed walked away with Earther. Greed plied Earther with wine. They wined and dined and danced the night away. Earther forgot her worries. She felt tender … Continue reading Smaerd 2


  "Awake!! Awake little friend. My name is Smaerd. Come to take you on a journey tonight. Be prepared.....for we will have fun this night. There are many to watch, More to hear, And much to learn. Let me take you on a little walk down 'Aspirations lane'. To a place called 'Life's Tavern'." After … Continue reading Smaerd