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Soft life

I AM 'To live a soft life,tap into your soul's magic.You are what you yearn'💙 &🪄Aweni

She’s got style

You've got it She's got STYLE!She's got CLASS!She's got IT! and so can you. ❤️ &🪄Aweni The beautiful @abi_bims rocks our 'you've got IT' hoodie effortlessly. Shop them. Click

Dare to love

Love Bridgerton season 2 tells the tale of a man too scared to love and a woman who thought she could live without having ever loved. As if…One of my favourite quotes of the season was lady Danbury’s take on the famous quote ‘it is better to have loved and lost than never to have … Continue reading Dare to love

It comes together

Chase your dreams 'My dearthe keylies deepin startingand notstopping' ❤ & 💪🏽 Aweni

Cupful of Love

CUPFUL of LOVE Let's help one another. Did you know when we help others, we help ourselves? CHOOSE to be KIND. 'Sun smiles to comfort heavenShould her tears not ceaseSun's beauty will forever be hidden' ❤ & more ❤Aweni

Heaven’s Child

Nature + Manmade beauty This mid week, remind yourself to; Take pleasure in the 'little' things andBe thankful for the 'little' things. Today, I marveled at the sunrise (picture taken by babe). I also marvelled at how heaven is within me and I within it. 'Heaven cries like youHer heart rumbles, her eyes dripHer face … Continue reading Heaven’s Child


Kings be rocking Mama Nigeria easy like Sunday morning. Oh yes! Positivity is for Kings and Queens amazing people. Every merch on is unisex. Go shop for you and your loved ones now. Have a beautiful weekend! 'Sir, ma'am, laugh hard Life’s a conundrum You write some You act some You win some You … Continue reading Kings!


Checklist Have you been through your checklist today? Life's too short not to go through your checklist. Don't waste time on unnecessary things. 'Tick, tick, tick!Bairn, lass, bhean!Bairn, lad, dhuin!A tail we chase,round and round,dark to grey,till seanbhean's eyes closeand seanfhear's heart stops.' ❤&🌞Aweni