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Happy Halloween

Have a magical week peeps 'Tis Halloween again.Fear and excitement gnawsas the unseenexpose their trails.A day we coatpumpkins, cats, broomsticks,and everyday items, with fear.The truth istrick or treat,the unseen is realand we better believe it. 💙 & 🎃Aweni



A mother’s love

A mother's love Today is mother's day.A day dedicated to say thank you mummy, I love you mummy, I see you mummy. But are you aware,that no matter the amount of thank yous, I love yous and  I see yous, you could never ever reciprocate a mother's love in equal measure? All your love and … Continue reading A mother’s love

Stay calm

Hope Be the person you would be proud of through the storm. 💙 Aweni


'Hand in hand we winCome hail, come sun, we girls rollBasking in our light'❤️ & 🌞 Aweni

As tall as your heart allows

The Bow You are only as happy and as content as you allow yourself to be.How's your week going?If you live around Perth, do find time to visit the beautiful art exhibition at the Lakeside shopping centre @city_of_joondalup . You'll find 'The Bow' chilling with other beautiful artworks. A beautiful sight indeed.Go get drunk on … Continue reading As tall as your heart allows


Self-love This week's lesson is about self love.Don't let anyone make you feel less, or guilty for choosing you.Tell them;'I give love like the sun emits raysbut I choose me firstForIt is only when I love methat I can love you'Have a splendid week loving yourself and others my lovelies.❤ & more ❤ Aweni

Gone too soon

Prayer for departed loved ones Let's take a moment to say a prayer for our loved ones that are gone.  ❤ & miss you my warrior girl.❤ 'When a star so brightleaves for hometoo soon,many question play on lipsMore on the mindAll there hanging with, 'who are we?'Questions that knowno answers will make us … Continue reading Gone too soon

You decide

Magic ‘Sparkling dust insideDirt or Magic, you decideChoose your desire’ ❤️&🪄Aweni

Love, what he gives

Cupful of Love Friday is here with its sense of chill.Have a fabulous one. ‘Power,in his buildLight,in his heartSwag,in his stepsLove,just what he gives’ ❤️ & more ❤️Aweni