Category: Crush

I dare you

  When I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am daring you to crush or keep, A heart steeped in need & glee. Knowing it matters not to it, What your choice will be. Either way its win & win A crush will its glee kill. A keep, its needs meet. As far as … Continue reading I dare you

Mind sex

  She made love to his mind. This was no balderdash like phone sex. Apologies to aficionados. Theirs was dynamite and illuminating. But just a sandglass long. He knew it not as sin. Until he could look his wife not in the eye.   ©Aweni Image credit: Deflyne


  For a nymph, I fell. Enamoured with her I am. With glee, I am spelled.        Chains cast in steel lift my heart.  Happy as a lark, I am. ©Aweni Image credit: elicesp This post is in response to Colleen's weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. The prompts for this week's challenge are … Continue reading Spelled

My heart’s symphony

Fast, Then faster, The violin and bass plays Loud, Then louder, The wood wind and brass blows. Fast And louder, The tambourine and drums beat. You, My darling, Are the cute man conducting. But, Clueless you are. Without a doubt, you are. For, How could one glance Cause such a flurry of feelings.     … Continue reading My heart’s symphony


  My eyes like you My ears hear you I'll think about your invite to dinner My dress is lace My heels are high I am ready to go all out with you My lips are red My breath is clean I'm ready for an exquisite kiss from you   ©Aweni Image credit: Artsybee via … Continue reading Date