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I hear chants, Chants! Chants! Chants! Behind closed doors. They assail my ears From The coven The temple The church The mosque So much in common But they beg to differ Do you? Sun asks sea and land "Who struts like he owns the earth?" "He who makes fire." ❤Aweni Adams July 2019

Be what you seek

  I leaf through the books of old. Like a leech to skin, I suck in the feats of warriors past. Each word gives light to stories not written. I wish I could tell each of them that none is forgotten. Their descendants takes delight in their every effort. In every word and thought left … Continue reading Be what you seek


I am Gangan The talking drum Faster than hoofs Slower than light Mother of dance Father of speech I bring joy Or sorrow Or plain words Hate me not Love me not I am but a messenger Lovingly caressed. ©Aweni

STOP the cutting

    Tête-à-tête In the beginning, they were but whispers of ample sized women. Mother was their queen. Then, father agreed.   Sealed! Stamped! My fate is decided. To the chalk faced man we must now head! Mother told me in her gentle voice, the rites must be done to protect my loins. Yet my … Continue reading STOP the cutting

I became them

  I remember, setting foot on this soil. One whiff, and I was an addict. The heartbeat of the locals, sounded like, those of siblings left behind. Yet, mine was lonely, They were no siblings. Only strangers. Mine was; Longing and missing, a life about to go past. Nervous and excited, about the future. Wanting … Continue reading I became them

Mistress of spices

Walking down a street in ShakiI met a mistress of spicesHer skin was so enticingHer eyes were invitingAnd her aura was captivatingI thought her fantasticShe fed me her spicesThey teased my sensesHmmm… tastyI asked her secretWhat gives a taste so pricelessShe told me in whispersThe secret of her spicesWas the soul in her peppersBirthed from … Continue reading Mistress of spices