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Happy mother’s day

Happy mother's day ‘Phenomenal girlWith the power to createLight like no other’ ❤&🕯Aweni

Happy mother’s day!

Happy Mother's day Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.For all that you do, thank you.We love you. ❤&🕯Aweni

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's day 2020 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.To those with us and those with us 🙌, for a mother never abandons their children in life and in death. Even though they know they were designed to be portals and allocated guardian angels for a period of time only. ❤️ you momma. … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

Iya mi

She is an ordinary extraordinary woman With no bone of jealousy in her A symptom of the common woman Always full of appreciation For life's gifts No matter how minimal She seeks no one's acceptance Never the centre of controversy Her instinct is to love and nurture Even those undeserving She wears a label That of … Continue reading Iya mi