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A mother’s love

A mother's love Today is mother's day.A day dedicated to say thank you mummy, I love you mummy, I see you mummy. But are you aware,that no matter the amount of thank yous, I love yous and  I see yous, you could never ever reciprocate a mother's love in equal measure? All your love and … Continue reading A mother’s love

She’s got style

You've got it She's got STYLE!She's got CLASS!She's got IT! and so can you. ❤️ &🪄Aweni The beautiful @abi_bims rocks our 'you've got IT' hoodie effortlessly. Shop them. Click

Dare to love

Love Bridgerton season 2 tells the tale of a man too scared to love and a woman who thought she could live without having ever loved. As if…One of my favourite quotes of the season was lady Danbury’s take on the famous quote ‘it is better to have loved and lost than never to have … Continue reading Dare to love

Cupful of Love

CUPFUL of LOVE Let's help one another. Did you know when we help others, we help ourselves? CHOOSE to be KIND. 'Sun smiles to comfort heavenShould her tears not ceaseSun's beauty will forever be hidden' ❤ & more ❤Aweni

The Truth

Saturday Saturday is a perfect day to share with yourself and friends.A perfect day to make new friends and be kind to someone. Have a chilled out weekend my lovelies. ‘Warming cold blue seagolden sun teaches the TruthOne we know but spurnYou and I, our smile in syncheals you, earth, the skies and I’ ❤️&🌞Aweni

Self love

Hope you've had a gr8 start to your week. Make it all about looking after you this weekend! If you don't, how can you be the best for people around you? Have a great weekend folks! Stay safe while you are at it. Get vaccinated. use your masks...Covid means business but we are going to … Continue reading Self love

Monday Wishes

Follow the light Monday! May love (of yourself..., of others... and from others...) follow you this week and always. Have a smashing week ahead folks! Don't forget to show me some love. Hop over to (link in bio) to shop colourful art and affirmations on colourful tees. This is a dtiys.What do you think?Swipe … Continue reading Monday Wishes

How to start your day

Another day! Woohoo! Gratitude ✔Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate/Smoothie/Water ✔A trip to ✔ 👍 I have something cool coming your way soon, in time for valentine's.😎 So drop your email when you visit so you can stay on top of all the good stuff. Have a smashing Sunday folks. Enjoy this li'l poem written just for you. … Continue reading How to start your day


February February arrives with all its lovey-dovey aura.Enjoy! While at it, don't let anyone take you for granted. Not this month. Not ever! Be fierce! 'Fragrant crimson airCoils up nostrils stealthilyIntoxicatingKnocked out cold or standing fierce?The heart will decide' ❤& more ❤Aweni

Tap into your power

Monday Hope you've not forgotten who you are?Tap into your power this week.Good luck 'Land, sea, rain and snowLions and Lambs dance in sun's glowThe flowers ask the wind? "Whose face shines brighter? Whose heart beats stronger?"The wind replies, "The one looking up at the Sun's smile". In other news have you seen Mama Nigeria … Continue reading Tap into your power